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At www.icvivah.com, we are your connectors and journey guides. We believe that throughout history, humans have sought companionship in order to live healthy, productive, and connected lives. When life-partners are grounded in similar human and cultural values, this journey becomes smoother and enjoyable.

We the founders, Sangita and Sushil Agrawal, have an excellent mentor and example in our mother (late Smt Sharada Agrawal), who has successfully helped thousands of young people find suitable life partners. We will use her experience and wisdom to tackle the challenges young people face as they prepare to take the next step in their lives – marriage. Preparing young people for a life with a partner requires an innovative and thoughtful approach. Therefore, we have created a not-for-profit organization that uses an e-platform to bring people together.

This e-platform is easy to access and navigate. It removes the conventional barriers of time and location so people are free to communicate from any time zone in North America at any time. Moreover, it takes the worry out of first impressions because you get to know each other before you commit to a face-to-face meeting. You are always in control of your own journey. And we are pleased to offer all this for free. If you are ready to take the next step, then we are ready for you. We have a team of volunteers and supporters who are willing to greet and guide you. Welcome to your matrimonial journey!

Sushil Agrawal
Sangita Agrawal
Namrata Maheshwari

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Email: info@icvivah.com
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